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Smart TVs are not all about HD screens and streaming service platforms. There are many hidden, and quite exciting features of a smart TV whose perks you might be missing. Naturally, most people tend to only utilize the most common features and ignore the others which are less advertised but equally important, nonetheless. However, you can liven up your TV-watching experience even more if you utilize the other features as well.

In this article, I will take you through some of the amazing and, often overlooked features of smart TV that you can use to optimize your TV experience.

Hidden Features of a Smart TV

Before we list down the lesser-known specs of smart TVs, it’s best to remember that these features may vary depending on the brand and model of your smart TV. So, consider these features when you purchase a smart television.

Moving right along, let’s get started –

Guest Mode: Ideal for allowing friends or family to use your TV without granting full access. This mode usually limits features such as accessing streaming apps or altering settings linked to your account. Activation methods of Guest Mode may differ, depending on the brand and model, often involving a dedicated button on the remote or a specific option in the TV’s settings menu. To find this mode on your smart TV, check for titles like “Guest” or “Limited Access” on the menu.

  • Hotel Mode: Quite a useful tool if you have bought a used TV. This mode resets all settings and deletes any personal information left by previous users, ensuring a fresh start for you. Activating Hotel Mode may be hidden in service menus, and it’s designed for technicians, so proceed with caution. Consult your user manual or search online for specific instructions related to your TV model. And to be on the safe side, let the professionals handle it for you.
  • Advanced Calibration Tools: While not available on all TVs, some models offer advanced calibration tools that let you customize picture quality beyond the basic settings. These tools allow adjustments to color temperature, for example, the warmth or coolness of the picture, as well as the white balance, and brightness levels in different parts of the image.

Use caution while tweaking with the Advanced Calibration Tools, as improper adjustments can worsen the picture quality of your TV.

If you absolutely want to adjust the picture quality, and are uncertain about doing it by yourself, consult a professional calibrator or follow a trusted online guide that offers instructions specific to your TV model.

  • Built-in Web Browser: Many smart TVs offer a basic web browser, allowing you to access the internet from your TV screen. Though not as efficient as a computer, it’s great for simple activities like viewing news or social media. You can access the web browser through a dedicated button on the remote or by navigating to a menu such as “Tools” or “Extras.”
  • DLNA Compatibility: Ever wanted to watch those party photos you took on your phone or listen to your favorite music playlist straight on your TV? That’s what DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) support is for. By enabling DLNA support, you can stream videos, photos, and music from your computer, phone, or other devices straight to your TV without downloading additional apps. You can enable this feature by going to your TV’s settings for a “DLNA” or “Media Server” option.

If you ever get bored of streaming shows and movies and want to play with your TV a bit, then dive into these features just for fun. Who knows, you might discover some more hidden features!

The rise of smart TV has changed the way how we watch TV forever. Before smart TV, television entertainment meant being a passive viewer of TV channel-provided content.

However, with the rise of smart TVs, now we have more options when it comes to enjoying TV content. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and tons of other entertainment platforms – now we can choose what we watch on TV.

Here’s a deep dive into how smart TV has changed the entertainment game forever –

On-demand Content Anytime

With a non-smart TV, you can watch shows, and movies on specific schedules. Whereas, on a smart TV, you can watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want. So, if you are planning to watch something, you can watch it on your own time without having to sacrifice work or other important things.

Smart TV gives you the option to enjoy the content you like by curating your favorite types of shows and movies and displaying them on your dashboard.

Seamless Integration

Smart TVs are designed to seamlessly integrate with other devices, which makes the overall entertainment experience even better. Features like screen mirroring and casting allow you to display content from your smartphone or tablet directly onto the TV screens.

This integration is perfect for sharing photos, videos, or even presentations with a larger audience. Additionally, many smart TVs can be controlled using smartphone apps, adding another layer of convenience.

Non-Stop Gaming

Smart TVs aren’t just for watching movies and shows anymore. Many of them now have strong processors and app stores where you can download and play lots of games. This means you don’t need a separate gaming console, making your smart TV a great all-in-one entertainment center for everyone in the family.

One of the biggest advantages of gaming on a smart TV is that you don’t need a separate gaming console. The built-in processors and graphics capabilities of modern smart TVs are powerful enough to handle a variety of games. This saves you the cost and space of additional gaming hardware. You can simply use the TV remote, or for a better experience, connect a Bluetooth game controller.

Smart Voice Control

You no longer need to hunt for the remote or struggle with menus, as many smart TVs now feature voice control technology that lets you navigate menus, search for shows, and change settings with your voice. This makes TV watching much easier and more enjoyable by allowing effortless navigation through commands, speeding up the process of finding content by simply asking for “comedy movies” or “cooking shows,” and enabling hands-free operation so you can control your TV while cooking, cleaning, or lounging comfortably.

Using voice commands can also be fun and interactive. It adds a futuristic element to your TV-watching experience, making it feel more engaging. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the novelty of talking to their TV and seeing it respond instantly.

Interactive Interface for More Engaging Experience

Some smart TVs have interactive screens that do more than just show content. These screens can give you extra information about what you’re watching, suggest shows based on what you like, and let you join in interactive experiences. For example, while watching a cooking show, you can bring up the recipe on the screen with just one click.

With their wide range of content and amazing features, Smart TVs have made their way through viewers’ hearts. They offer us choice, control, and convenience of viewing content. Be it TV shows, movies, or games – Smart TVs are the best way to enjoy entertainment.

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